1. The Benefits Of Hair Transplants

    If you are struggling with baldness, you may be feeling like you are losing your confidence, like you lose more job opportunities, and you may even struggle maintaining a dating life. If you are considering hair transplants, then your first step should be to contact our board certified cosmetic surgeon in Hawaii. With more than 30 years of experience in his practice, Dr. Dennis L. Watkins is passi…Read More

  2. Are You A Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation

    When it comes to your body, you want to be sure to take extra care to treat it well so that you look and feel great. However, we know that sometimes not even health can make some issues go away. When you are struggling with small, asymmetrical, or misshapen breasts, your confidence begins to wither, making shopping, picking out clothes, and living your day-to-day life difficult. We want to help. W…Read More

  3. Which Hair Transplant Method Is Right For You?

    If you are losing your hair, you may be losing your confidence as well. However, with trusted Honolulu hair transplants from Dennis L. Watkins, M.D., you can finally regain your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and the quality of life that you had before you began balding. Dr. Watkins has over 30 years of experience in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery in Hawaii, making him one of the most ta…Read More

  4. Give Yourself The Gift Of Confidence This Year

    We believe that every woman should have the ability to feel her very best, to fill out that sweater better, and to have confidence in her appearance. For over 30 years, Dr. Watkins has been able to give women their bodies back, giving them the self-confidence they need to feel genuinely beautiful. Whether you have been struggling with irregularly shaped, asymmetrical, sagging, or deflated breasts,…Read More

  5. Trusted Hair Transplant Surgery On Oahu

    Hair loss affects about one half of American men; they experience thinning hair and various degrees of baldness. For most men affected by hair loss, stopping these effects is not as easy as ceasing to wear baseball caps or being kinder to one’s scalp while shampooing one’s hair. The leading cause of hair loss in both men and women is a condition called Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as patt…Read More

  6. Three Benefits of Breast Enhancement Surgery

    Hundreds of thousands of American women opt for breast enhancement surgery every year for a variety of reasons. Some women suffer from a condition called Micromastia, which is defined as the underdevelopment of a woman’s breast tissue. Other women are motivated by the changes that pregnancy and nursing can cause in breast shape, size, and firmness. If you’re considering having breast enhanceme…Read More

  7. 4 Hair Transplant Terms You Should Know

    If you’ve considered hair transplant surgery, then you’ve probably either already done a fair amount of research or you are about to get started! Research is an important step when it comes to having any medical procedure done, and we know how confusing hair restoration research can get to those who are not familiar with the language associated with the process. Below, you’ll find a brief li…Read More

  8. Breast Implants, Lifts, or Both? Our Honolulu Doctors Can Help You Choose

    Our breasts change shape as we age; it's a natural part of life, but it's not something you have to live with. Changes in our breasts may be due to the natural aging process or life changes such as having children, breastfeeding, or even hormonal changes in our bodies. If life has left your breasts looking less than their best, our Honolulu cosmetic surgeons can help you determine which breast enh…Read More

  9. Can You Avoid the Need for a Honolulu Hair Transplant?

    Our Honolulu hair transplant experts have talked before about the myths surrounding hair loss here on our blog. It's not about washing your hair with the right shampoo, avoiding hats, or increasing circulation to your scalp. Unfortunately, the primary cause of hair loss is good old genetics. You inherited the genes that cause your hair loss from your parents, so you are stuck with them. That doesn…Read More

  10. Experience is important in Hair Transplant Procedures and determination of Hairline

    Experience is important in choosing your hair transplant surgeon. In Hawaii Doctor Dennis Watkins has extensive experience in the art of hair restoration. His training goes beyond the shores of Hawaii to some of the most well known transplant centers in the mainland United States.  New techniques and equipment are available and Doctor Watkins has over 20 years of experience and training to determ…Read More