Hair loss affects about one half of American men; they experience thinning hair and various degrees of baldness. For most men affected by hair loss, stopping these effects is not as easy as ceasing to wear baseball caps or being kinder to one’s scalp while shampooing one’s hair. The leading cause of hair loss in both men and women is a condition called Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as pattern baldness, and it is caused by a combination of hormones with a hereditary predisposition, which can’t be prevented. While hair loss can also be caused by things such as high fever, severe infection, diet, certain medications, etc., it is mostly not possible to prevent. Fortunately, there are increasingly successful treatment options available such as hair transplant surgery.

When you think of hair transplants, you may have the image of an unnatural-looking, blocky comb over in mind, but these inconsistent results stem from an older method that has since been phased out of the hair restoration practice. Hair replacement technology has come a long way in a fairly short time. Cosmetic surgeons today have a variety of hair transplant options available, that can simulate natural hair growth. Whereas surgeons once relied on a “plug” method which produced spread-out hair regrowth, they now use other methods such as “unit” or “strip” methods, both of which produce more natural-looking results.

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