Experience is important in choosing your hair transplant surgeon. In Hawaii Doctor Dennis Watkins has extensive experience in the art of hair restoration. His training goes beyond the shores of Hawaii to some of the most well known transplant centers in the mainland United States.  New techniques and equipment are available and Doctor Watkins has over 20 years of experience and training to determine which method is right for your situation.

Frontal hairline is the first visible area of the hair transplant procedure.  How the decision is made is between the doctor and the patient.  A younger patient may have mild hair loss and wish to lower their hairline.  They must be made aware of the progressive hair loss which may need an additional hair transplant procedure in the future if they decide on a particular hairline.

Artistic and surgical skill is necessary to determine a natural hairline which is age appropriate and will look natural from the day it is done into the future.  Because of the new refined techniques it is easier to create the natural look, and no longer have the obvious hair plug appearance of the past.  A hairline with an irregular and less dense initial zone will be less noticeable than say a hairpiece which may be thick all the way through. Achievement of this goal has been made possible through FUE which is Follicular unit extraction.  Doctor Dennis Watkins has used this method to create natural hairlines with no linear scars and no stitches.  He can discuss with the person the options available and methods of achieving the goals most suited for each individual.