Losing a significant amount of weight can help you feel happier and more energetic, but it might just be one step in helping you become satisfied with your appearance. When skin loses elasticity by being stretched for a long time, it often does not conform to your smaller figure after a successful diet/exercise program or weight loss surgery. Many Hawaii area men and women visit Dr. Allen Strasbergerfor this very problem.

Are you ready to find out how post weight loss plastic surgery can improve your appearance?

Your Options

Massive weight loss affects the body differently for each person, leaving a variety of areas in need of enhancement to restore a contoured appearance. If you have reached a stable weight and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the time might be right to visit us for body contouring surgery. Weight loss patients commonly undergo a combination of procedures which can include one or more of the following lifting and tightening procedures:

Massive weight loss also leaves many women needing breast augmentation to restore lost breast volume. Dr. Allen Strasberger is a supportive, approachable plastic surgeon who truly listens to his patients and helps them develop realistic expectations.

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