1. Experience is important in Hair Transplant Procedures and determination of Hairline

    Experience is important in choosing your hair transplant surgeon. In Hawaii Doctor Dennis Watkins has extensive experience in the art of hair restoration. His training goes beyond the shores of Hawaii to some of the most well known transplant centers in the mainland United States.  New techniques and equipment are available and Doctor Watkins has over 20 years of experience and training to determ…Read More

  2. Breast implant surgery with augmentation procedure options

    The incision sites for Breast Augmentation surgery may be placed in different locations.  The axillary approach is made with the incision in the armpit.  This gives the surgeon easier access to the chest muscle.  The periareolar approach is made with the incision around the nipple.  The inframammary approach which is the most common incision site made under your breast at the crease where the…Read More

  3. FUE which is follicular unit extraction a way of Hair Transplantation

    FUE is short for follicular unit extraction. A method of hair transplantation. This method produces no linear scar so is very desirable for those who want a natural look.  This method can be used both on men and women. A machine is used to extract a small unit of hair from a donor site which is rich in hair, and place the unit in a site which needs hair coverage. The unit is fragile and care must…Read More

  4. Body Contouring

    For many men and women the struggle to lose weight is long and trying one that tests both your mental and physical discipline and endurance. Achieving a significant weight loss either through diet and exercise alone or paired with a bariatric surgery, should be celebrated. For many who have achieved a significant weight loss, however, the rewards of the results is somewhat muted by the excess, sag…Read More

  5. Liposuction – Liposculpture Fat Reduction

    Feeling like your beach body needs a bit of help? If exercise and dieting aren’t doing the trick, consider liposuction. Liposuction is a convenient way to reduce the stubborn flab that diet and exercise just can’t get rid of. Liposuction involves the use of a thin tube called a cannula. After this tube is inserted into the target area, the cannula’s sharp end is used to break up the fatty de…Read More