As a person ages, it’s normal for them to see more wrinkles and lines on their face. However, if you feel that your youthful appearance has faded too quickly, or you’re seeing more lines and crow’s feet sooner than you’d like, the staff at Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii can help. As one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Hawaii, Dr. Watkins is always researching the best and safest ways to rejuvenate a person’s appearance. With dermal fillers and other injectables available at our clinic, you can restore that youthful look and cease worrying about lines and wrinkles.

With dermal filler treatments, it’s usually necessary to receive multiple injections per year, as they are not permanent. There are more long-lasting solutions, such as silicone, but these carry higher risks for lumps, scar tissue, and other complications. We place patient safety and comfort above everything else, and can help you decide which filler treatment is best for your face. There are dermal options for the lips, the cheeks, and the nose, and we can concentrate on one or several areas, depending on your preferences.

Dermal fillers can add volume and smoothness to your face, revitalizing your skin and providing that youthful visage that can be somewhat elusive. If you’ve been thinking about contacting cosmetic surgeons about injectable treatments, please call Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii today. We offer a wide variety of dermal products, and are always willing to help you, the patient, make the best decision for your body. Let us know how we can help you.