1. More Myths Dispelled Surrounding Hair Loss In Hawaii

    In our last blog, we talked about how we hear a lot of common myths and misconceptions about hair loss. As a premiere Hawaii hair transplant and restoration doctor, Dr. Dennis L. Watkins M.D. works with both men and women to combat their own unique hair loss. Today we're going to cover a few more common misconceptions and myths we hear from those walking through our doors. Stress will make your ha…Read More

  2. Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Dermal Fillers

    As a person ages, it's normal for them to see more wrinkles and lines on their face. However, if you feel that your youthful appearance has faded too quickly, or you're seeing more lines and crow's feet sooner than you'd like, the staff at Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii can help. As one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Hawaii, Dr. Watkins is always researching the best and safest ways to rejuvenate a pe…Read More

  3. Eliminate Loose Skin with a Brachioplasty

    If you've lost a significant amount of weight, you might still be dealing with some loose skin, especially on your arms. At Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii, we understand that you might feel self-conscious about the loose skin on your arms, and tightening or eliminating it is at the top of your list. With any cosmetic plastic surgery, it's important to know what your goals are, and what results you should…Read More

  4. Consult Your Cosmetic Surgeon about a Chemical Peel this Summer

    Your skin is exposed to many things throughout the course of the year, including sun, wind, and moisture. You do what you can at home to take care of your skin, but if you've noticed discoloration, increased lines, or irregular textures, it could be a good idea to consult a cosmetic surgeon. At Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii, we've helped many people restore their skin to a beautiful and youthful appeara…Read More

  5. Blepharoplasty Can Help With Your Vision

    If your vision is being negatively affected by droopy or hooded eyelids, you could find it hard to see while driving, have trouble enjoying your favorite activities, and feel self-conscious when you're out in public. If there is severe hooding of the upper eyelids, known as ptosis, there can be serious obstructions to a person's vision, especially peripheral and upward vision. At Cosmetic Surgery …Read More

  6. Talk To Our Cosmetic Surgeons About Rhinoplasty

    The nose is often the most prominent feature on a person's face, and if you're self-conscious about the size and shape of your nose, you might be considering undergoing a surgical procedure to change it. That procedure, known as rhinoplasty, is something that many people around the world have had done, but deciding to have surgery should never be a spontaneous choice. The cosmetic surgeons at Cosm…Read More

  7. Consider the Option of Breast Augmentation

    If you're a woman that has been considering the option of breast augmentation or breast implants, it's important to receive all the information that you can about the surgery. At Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii, we encourage our female patients to have realistic expectations about their breast surgery, and to understand what they can expect in terms of results. Cosmetic plastic surgery can help restore yo…Read More

  8. Consult With Your Cosmetic Surgeons in Hawaii

    The choice to have plastic surgery is not an easy one, and should never be a choice that one makes quickly. As your cosmetic surgeons in Hawaii, we've spoken with countless patients about the risks and rewards of plastic surgery. We want every person that we meet with to understand the processes involved, as well as the results that will come from the surgical procedure. We also want you to feel a…Read More

  9. Breast Reduction

    When a woman’s breasts are disproportionately large for her figure it can negatively affect her both physically and emotionally. With overly large breasts a woman often experiences daily pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back. There are often painful grooves or indentations in the top of the shoulders from bra straps and often women find physical activity to be too painful to enjoy.…Read More