If your vision is being negatively affected by droopy or hooded eyelids, you could find it hard to see while driving, have trouble enjoying your favorite activities, and feel self-conscious when you’re out in public. If there is severe hooding of the upper eyelids, known as ptosis, there can be serious obstructions to a person’s vision, especially peripheral and upward vision. At Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii, our cosmetic plastic surgery for the eyelids, or blepharoplasty, can correct these issues and help you feel more confident about your vision and your appearance.

Most suitable patients for blepharoplasty are over the age of 35, but younger people can experience problems with droopy eyelids. A child born with hooded lids has what is known as “congenital ptosis,” where the muscle that’s responsible for lifting the eyelid is underdeveloped. Vision problems can grow more severe as the child grows older, and we will gladly speak with anyone about the possibility of eyelid surgery, and if we feel that the surgery is a viable option. Please keep in mind that any surgery carries risk, and we will discuss our process in detail before we proceed with scheduling the operation.

If you feel that blepharoplasty could improve your vision, appearance, and self-confidence, come speak with us about cosmetic plastic surgery. We love helping Hawaii residents, and those from the continent, find the satisfaction that they desire with plastic surgery. We will explain our surgical procedure and what results you can expect, as well as the recovery time associated with eyelid surgery.