The long, warm days of summer are upon us and as the crowds are hitting the beaches and pools in cut-offs and bikinis, many find themselves shrouded in cover-ups struggling with upper arm insecurities. The upper arms are a popular trouble zone for many women. Whether you’ve always struggle to keep your upper arms toned or have found that as you got older the upper arms became less susceptible to your efforts, or perhaps if you have recently undergone a significant weight loss and find that while much of the fat is gone, you are left with unwanted, sagging, excess skin, an Arm Lift Honolulu may be right for you.

Arm Lift Honolulu is a procedure to remove the excess skin of the upper arms to create a smoother, firmer, slimmer appearance. In some cases and Arm Lift Honolulu if performed alone, or it may be performed in combination with Liposuction or other Body Contouring procedures such as a Thigh Lift, Body Lift, Breast Lift or Tummy Tuck. To learn more about your Arm Lift Honolulu options and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation today and get ready to get out from under your old summer cover-ups.