In our last blog, we talked about how we hear a lot of common myths and misconceptions about hair loss. As a premiere Hawaii hair transplant and restoration doctor, Dr. Dennis L. Watkins M.D. works with both men and women to combat their own unique hair loss. Today we’re going to cover a few more common misconceptions and myths we hear from those walking through our doors.

  1. Stress will make your hair fall out. This one is mostly a myth. While you can blame stress for a lot of your problems, hair loss isn’t usually one of them. While you can lose your hair under extreme stress, your common, daily stress isn’t going to make your hair fall out. Women report hair loss after giving birth, people report hair loss while dealing with death and loss, but your job stress isn’t likely going to make your hair fall out.
  2. If you wear baseball hats all the time, it makes your hair fall out and you’ll go bald. This one is a big myth. Your baseball hat would have to be so tight on your head that couldn’t comfortably wear it before it would cause any damage.
  3. You can take natural supplements to combat hair loss. This is also a myth! There’s no clinical data that supports this claim.
  4. You can take measures to prevent hair loss. Actually, hair loss is caused by miniaturization for most men. This is essentially a process in which your hair follicles are triggered to grow for shorter periods of time. This makes your hair weak and small and there’s no way to stop miniaturization from starting. Early intervention is key.