1. Give Yourself The Gift Of Confidence This Year

    We believe that every woman should have the ability to feel her very best, to fill out that sweater better, and to have confidence in her appearance. For over 30 years, Dr. Watkins has been able to give women their bodies back, giving them the self-confidence they need to feel genuinely beautiful. Whether you have been struggling with irregularly shaped, asymmetrical, sagging, or deflated breasts,…Read More

  2. Who Comes to Us for Honolulu Breast Implants

    We see patients of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in our office wanting to get our Honolulu breast implants. While some people may have an image in their head of the kind of woman who comes to us for this procedure, but the truth is we've helped patients get implants done for a variety of reasons including reconstruction after a mastectomy. We took a look at a survey done by the American…Read More