1. Three Benefits of Breast Enhancement Surgery

    Hundreds of thousands of American women opt for breast enhancement surgery every year for a variety of reasons. Some women suffer from a condition called Micromastia, which is defined as the underdevelopment of a woman’s breast tissue. Other women are motivated by the changes that pregnancy and nursing can cause in breast shape, size, and firmness. If you’re considering having breast enhanceme…Read More

  2. Breast Implants, Lifts, or Both? Our Honolulu Doctors Can Help You Choose

    Our breasts change shape as we age; it's a natural part of life, but it's not something you have to live with. Changes in our breasts may be due to the natural aging process or life changes such as having children, breastfeeding, or even hormonal changes in our bodies. If life has left your breasts looking less than their best, our Honolulu cosmetic surgeons can help you determine which breast enh…Read More

  3. Breast Enhancement

    Honolulu Breast Enhancement is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures offered. Breast Enhancement is achieve through Breast Implants that may be either made with Saline or Silicone fillings. The preference between Saline and Silicon filled implants is largely a matter of personal preference as each has their own benefits A patient considering Breast Enhancement must also choose breast …Read More